Join the Keming Network

Enter our nascent community of Product & UX Designers as we navigate careers objectives, explore best practices, and share experiences with one another.

What you can expect

We're assembling a guild of Product Design & UX practitioners focused on career advancement. As an early member of this group you might find...

  • Mentorship & coaching opportunities
  • Community of like-minded individuals
  • Job search troubleshooting
  • Portfolio feedback

...and likely more. And as an early member, you'll get to help us shape and define the community.

What we hope to achieve

We started Keming to bring transparent and consistent standards to design hiring. We've talked with companies and candidates (particularly in NYC) to learn about their needs, hoping to then build something (likely some element of service and platform) to bridge knowledge gaps in the design hiring/interviewing ecosystem.

Who we are

We are Product, Engineering, and Design folks who've spent our careers in startups and, as a result, have seen the hiring process from both ends. We know there's a lot that can be improved, and we're on a mission to improve it.

Let's hear from you