About us

Design hiring is broken. Applying to 4 companies means doing 4 separate take home exercises, with no guarantee that a company will move you forward. And often the criteria you’re being evaluated on is just as mysterious to the company as it is to you.

You should be judged by your work and ability—not what school you went to or what pedigree you have. We’re here to build a better, unbiased interview process for both candidate and company.

Allan Buntoengsuk

Allan has worked as both a designer and product person with Fortune 500 companies, agencies and startups in his career. He was the first dedicated product design hire at NYC startup Teachable. Before that, he led product & design for several years at AdmitSee, an edtech startup in San Francisco.

Chandler Moisen

Chandler is a product engineer with deep roots in New York City’s startup ecosystem where he has built complex software in the energy, enterprise marketing, ed-tech, and health-tech sectors. He is passionate about education and has taught foundational web development to hundreds of students since 2014.

Varun Rajan

Varun has spent the bulk of his career as a product and operations leader at early stage EdTech startups. After discovering a passion for hiring and talent acquisition on the job, he decided to enter the talent space as a career coach, helping knowledge workers in tech achieve short- and long-term career goals.

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