An easier way to apply for design jobs

One design exercise. Distribution to multiple companies and startups. Acceleration through the interview process.

How it works


Initial screen

We keep the quality of our platform high by screening both product design applicants and companies in order to ensure a great experience on both sides.


One design exercise

Most companies use a take-home design exercise to evaluate candidates—usually with a “suggested” time limit and sometimes even involving the company’s own product. It’s a pain to do multiple exercises for multiple companies. We want to simplify that process.


Be seen by startups

We distribute your exercise results to our network of companies, along with a bit of your background experience. Demographic info, such as name and school attended, is removed in order to decrease hiring bias. You’re evaluated on the quality of your work and your work alone.

Frequently asked questions

What is the process like?

Once on our platform, you’ll be given a design exercise to complete within a week. We distribute the finished exercise’s source files, along with an anonymized summary of your background, to companies on our roster. This occurs weekly for the next 6 weeks. Those that are interested will expedite you through their hiring process. It’s that easy.

What do you know about design hiring?

We’ve been on both the applicant and hiring side for tech startups in SF and NYC. From a design and engineering standpoint, we know what attributes companies are looking for, and we also recognize that a frustrating interview process can inadvertently weed out people with those very attributes.

What's the point of a design exercise?

The thinking is usually that it gives a company insight into the way you approach problems and what your process/output is. But in reality, it’s time-consuming for both parties, arbitrarily evaluated and sometimes even used to produce spec work. The exercise itself can have value, but its role within the interview process is such a pain. So why not try and make it better?

Can any designer sign up?

For now, we’re targeting digital product designers with familiarity around research, UX and UI. We screen candidates and companies onto Keming to ensure a high bar of quality. All experience levels are welcome.

What markets do you operate in?

For now we are concentrating on New York City, but if you signup for our mailing list you will be the first to know when we enter new markets.

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